About us

Founded in Cape Town in 1996 by Marilyn Opperman and Brand van Dyk, the first SmartBrain Child Development Institute (still the Head Office in Bellville today) has expanded robustly and today has over 45 centres throughout the country that have helped uplift countless struggling learners and have trained a multitude of parents to be forward-thinking in stimulating their children to give them greater opportunities to develop their limitless potential.

Our Vision
SmartBrain envisages a well-trained and equipped parental and educational corps that can successfully lay the right foundation for youths who will, in turn, realize the unlimited potential of their brain power and who will then be able to harness that potential to solve complicated and creative problems for themselves and the society they live in, thus setting high and impressive standards for themselves.

Our Mission
SmartBrain’s mission is to equip learners, parents and educators with scientifically-proven learning methods and information about how the brain can be programmed for giftedness so that they will know how to lay the right foundation from birth right through to adulthood, to serve as a springboard from where success can be achieved in all spheres.

Our Values

  1. Scientific proof: SmartBrain believes in the progressive revelation of scientifically-proven methods to verify their outcome.
  2. Passion: Educators must display passion when they help learners, regardless of sex, nationality or language, and help them to achieve the life of their dreams.
  3. Patience: Educators must know that every learner has it in them to achieve success provided that the necessary patience and correct scientifically-proven methods are used in order to achieve the desired results.
  4. Perseverance: Educators must display perseverance and apply every possible effort until the learning barriers have been successfully overcome.

SmartBrain’s immediate objective is to train Reading and Learning Therapists who operate from a SmartBrain Learning Centre or Pre-School in South Africa as well as abroad. These therapists will assist learners with their phonics, writing, vocabulary and comprehension and/or study techniques and will provide courses on Early Brain Development, Remedial Training, Study and Memory Techniques, as well as Adult Basic Education.