When is the best time to start?

The best time to start developing your child’s mental capacity is around the age of 3 months, long before he/she can even walk!

A baby of this age can recognize and name very complex and highly variable forms, such as a chair, a table or a human face and there is no reason why he/she cannot learn to recognize the form of a word which is much less complicated and less variable.

Glenn Doman, the author of Teach Your Baby To Read, says that a baby learns first to recognize large objects and only gradually becomes good at classifying small ones. The baby, he found, can soon learn to recognize the word “mommy” and “daddy” and many others if they are written large enough. When we start with big enough letters we find that two-year-olds could learn to recognize and name anything when the name and the word was presented together sufficiently frequently.

Doman urges parents not to waste the few early, fast learning, years, when the child’s ability to acquire knowledge is maximal. He reminds us that in the three years between two and five a child can learn an entire language and, if exposed to them, several languages, as many as four or five.

Did you know that most geniuses and gifted people could read or do maths before they had started school? SmartBrain provides an Early Learning Programme as well as parental training to give parents the opportunity to develop their children in the privacy and intimacy of their own homes.

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