Sound Empowerment

This course lays the foundation for reading, writing and accurate spelling. Learners are taught to phonetically “sound out” words.

This course is for any learner who:

  • reads very slowly and hesitantly (or not at all!);
  • confuses certain letters with each other (e.g. b and d);
  • leaves out syllables, words, phrases or skips whole lines of text;
  • adds words or phrases that are not in the text;
  • reverses the order of letters or syllables within a word;
  • mispronounces words, including familiar words;
  • substitutes one word for another, even if the substituted word is meaningless in the context.

Without appropriate intervention, students suffering from these (sometimes apparently insignificant problems) will continue to make mistakes that have far-reaching consequences on their mental development and performance in later years.