Development Programmes

Once the initial brain development has taken place in a child, if the stimulation was inadequate, problems start to come to the fore when children enter the school-system and are expected to learnĀ  vast amounts of information and skills with little one-on-one assistance. To make things worse, they must do so in over-crowded classrooms! It is no wonder illiteracy is such a pressing problem in South Africa!

The need to remedy learning and mental development problems has spawned an entire industry of very expensive practices, but SmartBrain believes that the proper neural programming and focus on reading and language development lies at the heart of most of these problems.

SmartBrain’s courses have been designed to be able to address every level of difficulty experienced by learners and are available from our branches throughout South Africa.

Every new student is assessed by a SmartBrain facilitator to determine his/her current level of development so that the exact entry level of the appropriate course (Sound, Word or Reading Empowerment) can be followed.

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