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Option A – Créche/Day Care License


What will guarantee that a child will be intelligent one day? “Giftedness starts at the crib,” researchers say. Birth to four years are generally called “The window of opportunity.” Research has proven that all human skills have their origin in that window period.

Repetition over a period of time is the key in making a child bright.  Starting only in Grade 1 is too late, as there is not enough time for adequate repetition due to huge classes, language barriers and social disadvantages. At this stage a firm foundation should have been laid down already.

SmartBrain offers training and well organised programmes which the facilitators can use in the comfort of their own class rooms.  Within the boundaries of 15 minutes the children will assimilate 10 new reading facts, 10 encyclopaedic facts as well as 10 maths facts. Add that up over a period of three years and start counting the amount of information children will have assimilated by the time they go to school.

Gone is the time adults have to suffer from low self image problems due to a lack of reading or mathematical abilities.  The newly trained facilitator will be the layer of strong foundations and will in fact be the reason why children will have above average IQ’s.

It is easier to master reading and maths at the age of one than what it is to master after six (Glen Doman)altAj8cOOuwev125Qv2eKQnTRWZP_Keb5yYShfgyZOmYAtv

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Option B – SmartBrain Reading and Learning Centre

…Apply for your own SmartBrain Centre!

SmartBrain is expanding! We have identified a few carefully selected areas within your town that are suitable for the establishment of a SmartBrain Centre. Operating licenses will be granted for local catchment areas which are based upon the latest data reflecting existing crèches, schools and educational facilities located in your region. Ideal candidates to take advantage of these opportunities would be teachers, therapists, business entrepreneurs and local leaders who wish to make an investment in their area and make a difference in the community quality of life.


Option C – Grade R licence

Option C – Grade R license

Grade R is on everyone’s lips and it is as if the country have suddenly realized the importance of a good start. SmartBrain’s NEW GRADE R Phonetic reading and writing program can make all the difference. Research at SmartBrain has proven that when Zulu speaking children can be exposed to this programme on a Grade R level, the class average increased from a regular 40 %, year after year, in their Annual National Assessment tests to a phenomenal 96 % of the class who scored above 60% for the same test. Think what could happen if every child in this country could have been exposed to SmartBrain’s excellent foundational reading and writing program! The program runs over four terms, with three half-hour lessons per week. The program is written in such a format that the facilitator can easily follow it step by step. There are also worksheets for each lesson.

SmartBrain’s Early Learning Programme has been operating for the last 19 years with great success. The Grade R program has been run in a private schools with great success.

This in actual fact then is a MUST for every Grade R class if we are going to change the educational results in this country.

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