SmartBrain’s Early Learning Programme for caretakers!

Language is absolutely the basis from which all human learning occurs. In fact, the neurological development of the young child’s brain depends on the amount of words heard before his/her third year. SmartBrain can help caretakers with that!

SmartBrain understands that a child’s later academic ability is determined by the interaction of the parent with the child at such a young age. Each time a SmartBrain word or fact is repeated, it lights up the neuron. When the same word is repeated again, the signal gets stronger and recognition faster. These neurons start to branch out to connect with other, related information, which increases the capability of learning.

SmartBrain trains caretakers, whether it is the parent or preschool facilitator in the importance of talking to the baby or toddler in their care. The SmartBrain Early Learning Programme is the tool to get the job done. The SmartBrain Early Learning Programme consists of theme related words and books, maths and encyclopaedic flash cards and will provide the right language nutrition for your child’s brain and intellectual growth. The programme also comes with a day-to-day year programme which will help you to stay on track.